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THE CALENDAR "A year of beauty"
36 top models in a reallity show with  totally produced on natural locations in Brazil ready to be delivered.
12 episodes 24 minutes.
Produced by Bob Seligman
Directed by Roby Massarotto

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THE CALENDAR "A year of beauty" (TV Format)

A Year of Beauty is a reality show where 36 gorgeous models compete for the 12 monthly pictures of  The Calendar. The television viewers choose the 12 models they want in the calendar through a live tele-voting system.

The program is divided into 12 episodes, one for each month of the year. There is one final episode in which the monthly winners compete for the most important picture, The Calendar Cover.

Three girls will compete against each other in each episode for the same monthly picture. Only one of them will become part of the calendar. The viewers will vote in real time for the model they want as Girl of the Month and the winner will be announced at the end of each episode.

Each episode opens with the arrival of the three contestants in a fantastic villa where they will spend the week together. Upon their arrival the girls will be introduced to the audience by a video ID card that gives their name, age, nationality, height, measurements, eye and hair color. After having seen the identity cards the audience can begin voting. The game begins with the start of the tele-vote.

During the episode we will see how the girls live together, how they spend their time in the villa, their private moments and their life as a model. The girls tell their stories in three clips, one for each girl.

They talk about the most important moments of their lives. After becoming acquainted with the girls we will see them in action on the set of the particular months location. Each month a different beautiful location will be used as the background for the corresponding picture.

On the set the girls will show all their beauty and sex appeal. In order the win over the audience, the real creators of the calendar, the models will alternate being photographed one after the other and clips with the backstage videos of the models will be shown.

At the end of the photographic session the three pictures competing for the month will be shown and the models will make their ultimate call to the audience. At this point the tele-vote is closed.

As the episode comes to an end the three models who will be on the next episode are introduced. The audience now has the opportunity to get to know who will be competing for the next monthly picture.

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THE CALENDAR "A year of beauty" Trailer (30min)
español - english subtitles
THE CALENDAR "A year of beauty" Teaser (4min) english
THE CALENDAR "A year of beauty" Italian episode (20min)
THE CALENDAR "A year of beauty" Backstage (14min)
THE CALENDAR "A Year Of Beauty"
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