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Written by JANIS ROZE. Produced by HUGO IURCOVICH. Directed by ROBY MASSAROTTO.

Profound America is a documentary dealing with the past and present wisdom, and the prophecies of the Original Peoples of the Americas, reaching beyond the histories and events written by the colonizers, conquerors and winners of the wars. This wisdom has guided the peoples and keeps guiding their thinking, believing, speaking and living. The cultures and civilizations reflect their authentic relationship to nature, animals and plants, and even to air, land and water, to communication with the gods and the cosmos. It is kept deep in their hearts and expressed through their living from the sacred to the profane. The mystery of their deep history reaches and related to other cultures, continents and ancient worlds. 

The Profound America is awakening and our task is to reveal its wisdom for the integration and the good of all the Americas and its relation to the other ancient and modern cultures, and to other continents and the worlds of the deep past.
PA dwells in the consciousness of all the Original Peoples of the Americas. Their traditions, cosmovision and their way of living reveal ingredients of the PA that is still lived as a magic reality. The living traditions of the Shamans, piaches, caciques, and the wisdom of the elders still carry the deep knowledge of their ancestors. They represent the rich sources that can lead us to the understanding the value and scope of Profound America.

The surprising similarities between the thinking of the Peoples of North- Central- and South America tells us that beyond the known history of conquests and colonization of the New World is a deep current of the perennial wisdom of their ancient dwellers. Signs of the PA can also be found in the archeological centers, abandoned cities, cities beneath the cities and ruins of their ancient dwellers, as well as in the ceremonial centers, magic places, petroglyphs, geoglyphs and symbols left behind in the mountains and valleys.

The new advances and integration of the modern thinking, especially in the sciences, such as cosmology and astronomy, quantum physics, genetics of the enigmatic DNA and its potential for communication are revealing a new perception of the structure and function of nature, man and the universe that is converging with the wisdom and prophecies of the Original Peoples. Beliefs and attitudes of the past and present, as well as the inherent tendency to seek new ways to understand the human being beyond the social, political, economic and cultural activities offer openings to the universal spiritual realities. It is on this level where the wisdom of the Original People and the search for meaning in the modern society can be brought on a common platform.


The enigmatic Mayan circular calendar announced the end of a cycle of life on earth and the beginning of a new cycle. Several other major indigenous groups, such as Aztecs, Hopi, Inca, Mapuches, also had similar predictions. How could they all have the deep knowledge of such a cosmic event?  The prophecies about the solstice of December 21 of 2012  opened the door for reevaluating the legends, myths, wisdom and prophecies of the Original dwellers of the New World. We discover that beneath the daily living of the people is a Profound America, guiding the peoples and their thinking, believing and living.  It reaches beyond the histories and events written by the colonizers, conquerors and winners of wars.

The Profound America is awakening. Our task is to reveal its deep wisdom and authentic ways of life for the integration and good for the Americas and its relation to other ancient and modern cultures and to the continents and worlds of the deep past. 
The presence of the diverse pyramids in México and Central America, as well as around the Lake Titicaca in Bolivia-Peru and the magnificent pyramids of Egypt tell about an unknown history of both continents.  Their precise measurements and locations suggests that the Profound America had a superb knowledge of celestial events and their impact on our earth. As more pyramids have been found in Europe and Japan, they suggest the possibility of a super-culture. 

Traditions of Hopi, Maya, Inca and several tribes of Latin America speak about contacts and help from star people and encounters from the still enigmatic lost continent of Atlantis.  Are they contacts with ETs, long before the modern times began to see UFOs in the sky? 

No less mysterious is the presence of the 13 crystal skulls in the Maya kingdom, guided by Max, with its extraordinary crystalline capacity as mega computer. What wisdom and knowledge they carry from times immemorial, perhaps long before the dawn of humanity. It was popularized by Indiana Jones. 

The rapidly growing almost sensational recognition that the knowledge of the Profound America  is converging with the modern scientific findings in sciences cosmology, quantum physics, biology and even the human-divine relationship. The recognition of the great interdependence of our quantum world is shared by the ancient and contemporary thinking.

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